The Best Food Storage Gear for a More Sustainable Kitchen


If you peeked inside your kitchen garbage can right now, how many plastic wrappers, bags, and containers would you find? It’s not a question to make you feel guilty; it’s just a fact that the majority of our groceries and food items come wrapped in plastic. But by making a few conscious choices around sustainable food storage and kitchen gear, you can make a serious dent in the amount of waste that ends up in the trash.

Sustainable food storage gear ranges from reusable produce bags that you bring shopping to nifty containers you use to store food. There are many benefits that come with making these swaps in your kitchen: You’ll reduce the number of single-use plastic containers you send to the landfill, you’ll make it easier to preserve food and therefore reduce food waste in your home, you’ll also get more control over the organization and aesthetics of your kitchen.

Some of these solutions below you can bring to the grocery store and farmer’s market, while others you’ll use in your pantry and freezer. From cotton produce bags to reusable lunch boxes to silicone snack bags, we’ve compiled the best sustainable food storage gear for any kitchen, whether you’re a household of one or many.


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The Best Sustainable Food Storage Gear for Your Kitchen