The 11 Best Men’s Joggers of 2022


If you haven’t hopped aboard the athleisure train yet, it’s time to reassess your wardrobe. Beyond providing all-day comfort and utility, athleisure wear adds a dose of casual style to your ‘fit. And just like a well-made hoodie, the right pair of joggers might become your go-to choice for everyday wear.

What’s a Jogger?

While many people confuse joggers with regular sweatpants—and vice-versa—there are a few notable differences to look for. Joggers typically include a tapered leg leading to a cuffed ankle and multiple pocket options for on-the-go utility. Compared to sweatpants, joggers usually emphasize comfort over workout performance. Some joggers are made with moisture-wicking fabrics, but you’ll often find them made with more traditional materials like cotton or even merino wool blends.

From comfort-centric to exercise-focused, high-end to budget-conscious, there’s no shortage of options for men’s joggers. To help you score the best pair to fit your lifestyle, we’ve rounded up the 11 best options from top brands including Polo Ralph Lauren, Ibex, Adidas, Nike, and more.

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The Best Men’s Joggers of 2022