Top 3 Places to Get Dirty on International Off-Road Day


You likely don’t need much of an excuse to go off-roading, but just in case a little push closes the deal, October 8 has been conveniently marked as International Off-Road Day.

See, it works—now you’re already thinking of conquering trails behind the wheel of a high-powered UTV. But where? Below are a trio of top off-roading destinations from coast to coast, all of which offer nearby rental outfitters.

1. Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia

Hundreds of miles of former mining and logging roads have been repurposed into a rider’s paradise that sprawls through forested mountains terrain over several counties. Whether you crave moderate, scenic trails or black-diamond ascents, there are options aplenty. Best of all, the entire area has gone off-road crazy, with bunkhouses and campgrounds near every trailhead. Small “connector” towns even allow growling UTVs to roam their streets to refuel or stop for a burger.

Best UTV rental outfitters in the area: WV ATV Resort and Trailhead Adventures.

UTV drives through a grassy valley.

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2. Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

Southern Utah’s signature red rocks and sand dunes provide a stunning backdrop to this popular off-roading destination that surrounds a blue-water reservoir. It’s also home to the annual, family-friendly Trail Hero gathering of off-road enthusiasts (Oct. 3-8), and where International Off-Road Day organizer Can-Am is setting up shop to show off its latest machines and set some top pro racers loose on the trails.

Best UTV rental outfitters in the area: Sand Hollow Rentals and ATV Rentals Utah.

Camping under the stars at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

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3. Knik Glacier, Alaska

This guided tour harnesses the power of off-road vehicles to gain access to remote Alaskan backcountry north of Anchorage. Expansive valleys, snowcapped mountains, deep forests and meandering streams are all on the riding menu, capped off by parking near the edge of the mighty Knik Glacier for lunch. Bundle up—International Off-Road Day is near the end of the riding season in this wintery land.

Best UTV rental outfitter in the area: Alaska Backcountry Adventure Tours