One of the best PS5 games may be coming to PC


New leaks suggest third person shooter Returnal may be coming to PC sooner than you might think.

The game has been a PlayStation 5 exclusive since its release in 2021, but we may see it on our PCs in the near future. If this is the case, we will see a familiar pattern of Sony releasing its games onto PC a year or two after original release in the same vein as Spider-man Remastered and Horizon: Zero Dawn

The leak originates from a thread on Icon Era, which claimed to show a video of gameplay footage. The video was very short – under a minute – but gave us a lot to be excited about. The video featured someone going through the graphics settings of Returnal, and showcasing different optimization options you find in most PC game settings menu, like image quality and performance moderations. 

Unfortunately the actual gameplay footage was taken down by Sony, but you can have a look at the screenshots below from WCCFTech to get a sense of what might be on the table soon. As you can see with DLSS, you have the choice of Balanced, Performance, Quality and Ultra settings.

Screenshots of potential PC graphics menu in Returnal

(Image credit: WCCFTech)

Analysis: PS5 games on PC are always welcome

While this is speculation and we can’t be certain as of yet, we hope that this leads to more of Sony’s games trickling into the world of PC gaming at a quicker pace. 

There’s definitely a market for it, and games like Returnal and the upcoming God Of War: Ragnarok are stunning games that would be adored by desktop gamers, particularly if they can get their hands on the games around the initial release and not after. 

Games like Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human experienced massive success when they were released on PC (and were some of the best PC games around), and the great reception for Spider-man Remastered should hopefully sway Sony into quicker and more considerate platform releases for PC.