WhistlePig Whiskey and Traeger Grills Team Up for a Special BBQ Release


Fall means getting outside in the cooling weather and finally enjoying the respite from a hot summer—and one of the best activities to engage in when hanging out in the chill as the sun sets is grilling with a glass of whiskey in hand. And in a collaboration that makes total sense for brisk autumn days and nights, renowned whiskey distiller WhistlePig Whiskey has teamed up with pellet grill legends Traeger Grills to release a bunch of barbecue essentials that will take your next cookout up a notch.

WhistlePig, for those not in the know, makes some of the finest rye whiskies around. The company is dedicated to elevating bourbon’s often-misunderstood and under-appreciated little brother to new levels using innovative practices built on distilling traditions. Its distillery, which opened in 2015 on an old dairy farm in Vermont, offers the brand’s staple 100-percent rye whiskey in six-year and 10-year aged expressions, along with a batch of highly regarded blended ryes (and one six-year bourbon).

Set yourself up for some awesome fall grilling and sipping with the WhistlePig x Traeger collab.Set yourself up for some awesome fall grilling and sipping with the WhistlePig x Traeger collab.
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WhistlePig collaborated with Traeger back in July to release the SmokeStock Wood Fired Whiskey, which is a rye whiskey aged in American oak and proofed with water that’s been smoked with Traeger apple wood pellets. Traeger, of course, is the company that first brought pellet grills to the masses, and it still makes some of the best grills around—led by its new futuristic flagship model, the Timberline.

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Traeger and WhistlePig have teamed up again, and the companies have released a bunch of goodies that’ll make your barbecue extra delicious (whether you use wood pellets, propane, or charcoal—no judgment). There’s a Whiskey Barrel Pellet Blend, Whiskey Hog BBQ Sauce, and Whiskey Dust BBQ Rub. The Whiskey Barrel Pellet Blend is made from grinding up actual WhistlePig whiskey aging barrels, and the resulting pellets are perfect for imparting some bold and sweet WhistlePig whiskey flavors when using your pellet grill. The Whiskey Hog BBQ Sauce amps up barbecued pork or chicken with tasty notes of barrel-aged whiskey, sweet maple, and, of course, smoke. The Whiskey Dust BBQ Rub brings together the flavor of bourbon with maple sugar in an homage to WhistlePig’s Vermont farm, which has 20 acres of maples that are tapped every year to make syrup.

Set yourself up for some awesome fall grilling and sipping with the WhistlePig x Traeger collab.
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These limited-edition barbecue products are a sure bet for making your next grill session unique and tasty. But that’s not all they can do: You can even craft a signature WhistlePig cocktail by mixing in a bit of the sauce or the rub with the distillery’s PiggyBack 100-percent Rye Whiskey or the sweeter PiggyBack 100 Proof Bourbon. (Keep the wood pellets out of your glass, however.)

[Starting at $11; traeger.com]

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