Google Pixel 7 event live blog – Pixel phones, Pixel Watch and all the big news as it happens


After what seems like an interminable wait, the Google Pixel 7 event will finally introduce us to Google’s latest (and greatest) smartphones, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

These two flagship phones were first teased at Google IO 2022 back in May, then hidden away again until today (Thursday, 6 Oct), a five-month pause that’s merely increased the anticipation ahead of the launch. And there’s more – because today’s event will also see the debut of the Pixel Watch, a device that’s been rumored for literally years and which we’ll finally meet in all its glory.

And of course we could also be treated to other new devices; Google isn’t against dropping in its own ‘just one more thing’ reveals from time to time.

The good news is that you can follow the whole thing live with us right here. The event is due to start at 3pm BST / 10am ET / 7am PT today in the UK and US, and at 1am AEDT on Friday in Australia, and we’ve got a separate guide to how to watch the Google Pixel 7 launch. We’ve also included Google’s holding page for the YouTube live feed below so you can watch along right here.

So read on for all the last-minute rumors in the run-up to the launch and follow it with us live as it happens.

Google Pixel 7 event — what to expect

Google Pixel 7

The Pixel 7 doesn’t look like being a huge deviation from the Pixel 6, but it will have a few upgrades. Google has already confirmed it will run on a new Tensor G2 chipset, for instance, while a new aluminum design and colors will also freshen things up.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Pixel 7 Pro is likely to get a couple more changes than the standard model, including, if rumors are correct, an increase in optical zoom from 4x to 5x plus a new Macro Focus mode. It will of course also get Tensor G2 and the visual redesign. 

Google Pixel Watch

We already know that the Pixel Watch will run Wear OS and will be Android phones only, and we also know that its fitness tech will be powered by Fitbit. And of course we know exactly what it will look like, because Google already revealed its sleek, curvaceous form.

Hello, and welcome to TechRadar’s Google Pixel 7 event live blog. Over the next few hours, we’ll be rounding up all the last-minute leaks and rumors ahead of the event, and running through exactly what we already know (and don’t know) about the devices we’ll see today.

And then once the show gets going, we’ll be bringing you all of the big news as it happens – so bookmark this page and check back regularly for the latest.

A Google Pixel 7 Pro from the back, in Hazel

(Image credit: Google)

So, let’s start by talking about the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. What do we know about these phones? Not that much. What do we think we know about them? Lots!

That’s because there’s been a steady stream of leaks around these handsets over the past few weeks, to the extent that we are now fairly sure about plenty of the details.

The most recent leak, just a few days ago, came from the Google News Telegram channel and suggested the Pixel 7 Pro could be a contender for the title of best camera phone. The leak included what was supposedly a full specs list, and detailed that the Pixel 7 Pro would get a boost to 5x optical zoom compared to the 4x on the Pixel 6 Pro, among other upgrades. 

Google Pixel 6 Pro review

(Image credit: TechRadar)

That specs list – which was reportedly spotted on a Taiwanese mobile carrier’s website – also mentions several new camera modes. And that’s got us very excited.

Google has long been an expert at getting more from its phone cameras through innovative software smarts – just look at the Magic Eraser tool that arrived on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro for evidence of that. 

New Pixel camera modes are therefore more interesting than they might otherwise seem, so the fact that Movie Motion Blur and Macro Focus are both teased in the specs leak is definitely worthy of mention. 

It’s the latter that we’re really intrigued by, though – to the extent that we even think this Pixel 7 Pro feature will change phone cameras.