The Most Intense NFL Rivalries of All Time


Football is about rivalries. If you follow a team long enough, and then you get lucky, you might get to watch your team win a Super Bowl or two. And that’s great. But most years, that won’t happen, and the greatest memories a fan will carry with them come down to something much simpler: beating (or losing to) the team you despise the most, the one you think spiteful thoughts about and dream of destroying. That’s why NFL rivalries are so important—and so intense.

Of course, some NFL rivalries pack a bigger punch than others. Some go back decades and even predate the AFL-NFL merger of 1970. Others only started to pick up steam in recent years. But regardless of how old they are, these matchups produce many of the league’s best games and most iconic moments. Want to watch some quality football? Here’s a selection of 10 of the most intense rivalries in the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky passes during practice. NFL teams

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The Most Intense NFL Rivalries of All Time