The Best Jeans for Men: 25 Pairs of Denim for the 5 Major Body Types


Here’s a catch-22: You don’t like shopping for jeans, but they’re your favorite wardrobe staple. Odds are you’ve been rocking the same few pairs well past their prime. They say the suit makes the man, but we’d argue it’s the jeans, so why not invest in some new pairs of denim?

Shopping for Jeans: A Good Fit Is Essential

They need to fit, and they need to fit well. But let’s be clear here: Fitting well doesn’t have to mean fitting tight. When jeans fit well, they aren’t slouchy. They stay under your waist. There should be some sort of shape under there. However, many athletic guys have issues with fit because of the size of their quads, calves, and hamstrings.

To determine the best pair of jeans for you, you’ll need a rough idea of the general shape and size of your body and how it compares to a generalized body type. Confused by the idea of body types? We’ll provide a little context. The male form is broken down into three main body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. But since not every guy fits neatly into one of those three “types,” we also included ecto-mesomorph as well as meso-endomorph. In this guide, we rounded up top pairs of jeans for all five of these body types.

Determining Your Body Type

Here’s what you need to know to figure out what body type is most like yours:

  • Ectomorph is a thin guy with a thin frame.
  • Ectomorph-mesomorph is a tall-ish, skinny-ish guy.
  • Mesomorph is an average guy with an average frame.
  • Mesomorph-endomorph is a bigger-than-average guy.
  • Endomorph is a large guy with a large frame.

These body types will give you a general idea of which jeans will fit you properly. Read on to find the best jeans for you.

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The Best Jeans for Men: 20 Pairs of Denim for the 5 Major Body Types