10 Unique Spirits Every Cocktail Lover Needs


Your home bar has to cover the basics: bourbon, scotch, vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and perhaps a brandy or cognac, plus some bitters. Once you’ve got those taken care of, though, there should be room left to add some unique spirits. Maybe a spiced Caribbean liqueur or a cocktail modifier with bright, clean fruit flavors.

Incorporating an avant-garde bottle into your collection is an easy way to give your home cocktails a unique edge. It’s the kind of move that will have your friends begging to know the secret ingredient. These unique spirits can spark creativity when you’re feeling uninspired and inject a dash of whimsy, intrigue, or mystery into your mixology.

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Luckily, with all the creativity that’s been happening in the drinks world lately, there are tons of interesting options that fall outside the usual booze box. Each of them can be used in multiple ways—including simply sipping neat or on the rocks—and they’re all sure to spark a conversation, and a memorable imbibing experience.

Try one, or more, of these unique spirits and watch your home cocktail game soar.

10 Unique Spirits Every Cocktail Lover Needs

A bottle of Sorel
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1. Sorel

Across the Caribbean, one of the most common accompaniments to the region’s flavorful food is sorrel. It’s a bright red drink that uses hibiscus as one of its key ingredients. While sorrel is non-alcoholic, Sorel—one R—adapts the beverage to adults-only enjoyment, rounding out a rum base with warm spices and the crucial hibiscus flower. Founder Jackie Summers drew on his Barbadian heritage when creating Sorel. It’s an homage to his ancestors as well as a delicious and original liqueur. Add a half-ounce to a margarita or daiquiri for tropical flavor and a warm pink color.

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