George Dickel and Leopold Bros. Team Up Again for Their Next Winning Rye


Rye whiskies are finally getting their due after being an afterthought to the more popular bourbon bottles dominating the American whiskey scene. Now legendary distiller George Dickel has once again merged one of their ryes with another from family distiller Leopold Bros. Last year they produced one that garnered much acclaim. Their latest Collaboration Blend offers yet another excellent and smooth rye perfect for mixing up winter cocktails.

George Dickel whiskey—which has been an institution since the company started in 1850 in Cascade Hollow, TN—has long championed the rye variation after it died out following Prohibition. And Leopold Bros.—which started in Michigan in 1996 and now operates out of Colorado—has long adhered to traditional, pre-Prohibition distilling techniques and a dedication to using fresh, local, and sustainable practices and ingredients.

A year after their union created an award-winning blend, this November’s launch mixes Leopold Bros’ smooth Three Chamber Rye with George Dickel’s historically correct column still rye for another heavy-bodied, 100 proof rye whiskey that’s perfect for crafting classic cocktails like the Manhattan or Whiskey Sour.

Bottle of George Dickel and Leopold Bros. rye whiskey blend.
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“The George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend was founded on our friendship and mutual admiration for each other as distillers,” says Nicole Austin, general manager and distiller at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. “This is such a meaningful product to us both, and we have been overwhelmed by the initial reception.”

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“Working with [founder] Todd Leopold and his team to create this blend is a once-in-a-career moment for me,” adds Austin. “I’m particularly excited we’re able to give whisky drinkers another chance to taste a piece of history while establishing a long-term partnership between George Dickel and Leopold Bros.”

The Collaboration Blend is described by the team as having a floral nose of lavender, elderflower, and rose that is balanced by sweet hints of maple syrup, marshmallow, and cocoa. Rosewater, blackberries, caramel, lavender, fig, and citrus flavors show up on the palate, which is finished with a combination tea, honey, and cocoa.


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