The Best Men’s Hoodies of 2022


Nothing embodies a “don’t sweat it” swagger like an easy-wearing hoodie. Created in the 1930s by athletic brand Champion, the hoodie spent its first few decades mostly relegated to chilly warehouses and fish markets, where workers needed a loose-fitting sweater with a fabric hood (instead of a hat) to beat the frigid temperatures of their workplaces. As with many other menswear staples with utilitarian origins, hoodies have evolved into a common men’s wardrobe piece. They’re the ultimate high-low garment, seen everywhere from high-fashion events on the runway to the bleachers at high school football games.

Anatomy of a Hoodie

What makes a hoodie a hoodie? Simply put, it’s a long-sleeve sweater with an attached hood. From there, a hoodie can take on different forms (though we’ll stop short of calling a hooded bathrobe a hoodie). Hoodies can zip up at the front, but they’re usually designed as a pullover, often with a front kangaroo pocket for warming your hands. Do a quick search for hoodies, and you’ll find them in every fabric imaginable: warm cotton fleece, sweat-wicking polyester blends, sumptuous baby alpaca, and even supple lambskin leather.

How to Wear a Hoodie

How should you style a hoodie to not look like a slob with a Sunday morning hangover? As with any other garment, fit is key. Avoid buying a hoodie that’s so oversized it hangs below your butt or bunches up in the sleeves. Another tip to dressing up a hoodie is choosing a finer fabric like cashmere or wool. These fabrics look effortlessly cool while also keeping you more toasty than your worn-out cotton sweats.

Lastly, consider layering a jacket over your hoodie. Depending on the time of year, a sophisticated knee-length topcoat, vintage denim jacket, or leather moto will give your hoodie look a serious boost. Pair that with suede Chelseas or leather military boots, and you’re good to go.

Ready to shop? Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite hoodies of the season.

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The Best Men’s Hoodies of 2022