Live blog: Twitter chaos – what’s going on?


An illustration of Elon Musk drawn by thongyhod looking perplexed at falling Twitter logos

(Image credit: Shutterstock / thongyhod / Twitter)

After a protracted process, where the world’s richest man tried to pull out numerous times, Elon Musk finally purchased Twitter for a huge $44 billion on October 28.

Anyone keeping up with Musk’s on again, off again Twitter purchase would be forgiven for thinking that with it being finalized that would be the end of the drama.

In fact, it was just the start. In the two weeks since Musk bought Twitter there have been mass layoffs, high-profile departures, an exodus of users and advertisers and features that have been dumped as quickly as they were added.

It’s hard to keep up with it all, so we’ve fired up this live blog to keep you updated with what’s happening with the social media network, and to try figure out what’s happening and what it means for Twitter users the world over.

Perhaps the most controversial thing to come from Musk’s Twitter takeover has been the changes to how accounts are verified. 

Previously, if the verified account of a media outlet (such as TechRadar) or other organization published something, you would at least know that it came from an official source. The Blue Check also enabled Twitter users to tell the difference between the many celebrities on Twitter and users who were imitating them.

However, Musk implemented a change that would allow anyone to get verified for $8 a month.

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This led to some people worrying that users could pretend to be official accounts and get easily verified, making it hard for people to tell which accounts were real – and which weren’t. And that’s exactly what happened.