Best All-Terrain E-bikes to Conquer Dirt, Snow or Mud


Electric bikes are now fully ensconced in the psyche of cyclists and mostly accepted. And the electric bicycle revolution of the last decade has brought about variations on the normal bike theme, like the emergence of big-tired, heavy haulers that can go confidently through almost any terrain. More robust and useful than normal e-mountain bikes, the new crop of burly all-terrain e-bikes can conquer any path, whether paved or rutted, wet or snowy.

And because of their rugged utility, you can use them for a wide variety of activities that bikes—before being electrified—were never really considered, like hunting or fishing. The benefits for hunting include a silent running machine that doesn’t give off smelly fumes and is nimble enough to take you through the woods to your tree stand. And most are powerful enough to pull out your quarry if you add on a small trailer. For fishing, you can make it farther into the backcountry and away from crowded streams by packing up your all-terrain e-bike.

Olive green e-bike with fat tires on a white background.
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1. QuietKat Apex

If you need an all-terrain machine that’s built for true backcountry adventures, whether hunting, fishing, or just exploring, the QuietKat Apex should be on your list. It comes with either a 750- or 1,000-watt mid-range motor (up to 48-mile range on a removable 768 watt/hour battery) that lets you use the 9-speed SRAM drivetrain to blast flats or power up steep inclines. To access that power, the Apex lets you use either pedal-assist—five in eco and five in sport—or a throttle, and has a walk-assist mode for extra-sketchy spots. The burly aluminum frame is mated to an 150mm front shock and fat tires (26″x4.5″) to handle the worst terrain and is rated for 365 pounds. An integrated, 100-pound capacity rear rack will hold lots of gear and hunters will want to add the game-carrying trailer to their order.

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