The Best College Football Conference Championship Games to Watch This Weekend


College football’s conference championship weekend is upon us. Starting with the Pac-12 and Conference USA on Friday night at 8 p.m. (EST), all 10 major conferences will hash out their champions in head-to-head meetings. Conference championship games are a relatively recent addition to the sport’s calendar, but they have quickly become a mainstay. Over the last few years, the holdout conferences that didn’t stage these games have all added them. The result is an extra weekend of critical games between the regular season (which ended last weekend) and the annual Army-Navy Game (which gets an entire day to itself on Dec. 10).

Here’s a full TV schedule for Championship Weekend. Below, I’ve highlighted five conference championship games I think will be the most interesting to watch between this Friday and Saturday. There’s at least one game included in each broadcasting time slot over the two days, so no matter where you live, you’ll have something good to watch.

USC running back Markese Stepp (30) runs with the ball for yardage as Notre Dame defenders pursue him. college football rivalries.

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The Best College Football Conference Championships to Watch This Weekend