The Best Golf Courses for a Winter Escape


Frost delays. Bare trees. Dormant fairways. Greens slower than your basement carpet. Or the worst—course closures. For golf junkies trapped in Northern climates, the drastic change in weather means one thing: Winter is coming, and golf season is ending. Or is it? Enter the winter golf getaway, a warm-weather cure-all for rusty swings and general wintertime blues.

When temps drop stateside, stowing your clubs in the garage or storage closet until springtime can be the ultimate walk of shame, like a Tiger Woods’ stinger straight to your soul. Fortunately, you can nip this dilemma in the bud and create a wraparound season with a road trip or a quick plane ride or two.

From Florida to Cabo, Arizona to the Caribbean, golf season is every season in these destinations. At these courses, you don’t have to dream of a January eighteen, you can play a January eighteen. Here are 10 sun-splashed winter golf courses worthy of a wintertime trip.

View of Crested Butte, CO. mountain towns.

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The Best Winter Golf Courses to Play This Season