New Book Reveals the Wild World of Wildland Firefighters


Firefighters occupy an increasingly vital position as wildfires seem to grow more out of control each year. Seeking to demystify that existence, firefighter Bré Orcasitas’ Hold and Improve: A Collection of Awesomeness From the Edge of the Fireline gathers extremely candid stories from firefighters from Florida to Alaska. The book reveals an entertaining world of witty jargon, gallows humor and, of course, courage. Even if that last part is downplayed.

“So many books on the fire community are tragedy related,” says Orcasitas. “I want to provide a secret passageway into what it’s like to be a wildland firefighter. It’s an all-access pass to what it’s like and I think that’s pretty cool.”

Santa Rose California forest fire

On the Front Lines of America’s War on Fire

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