The Best Super Bowl Games of All Time


The Super Bowl is an American sporting and cultural event unlike any other. No matter who’s playing or who’s performing at halftime, it’ll be the most watched American television show of the year—a phenomenon for both sports fans and people who couldn’t care less about football. While the Super Bowl is always an interesting spectacle, it’s especially compelling when the action between the lines lives up to the hype. After all, not every halftime show will set the world on fire.

In that spirit, here’s our list of the 15 best Super Bowl games ever played. These are the Super Bowl Sundays that live on in the national consciousness not because of a great commercial or stellar performer, but because the games themselves delivered. And before you ask, yes, you’ll see a lot of Tom Brady in this list.

Joe Montana gets ready to pass during a game in 1981. touchdown passes

The Best Touchdown Passes of All Time

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The Best Super Bowl Games of All Time