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UN agencies recommitment to women, girls in Afghanistan one year after Taliban takeover

A year of Taliban rule in Afghanistan has led to a deterioration in the lives of women and girls, affecting all aspects of their human rights, three UN agencies reported on Monday.


Explosions Hit Russian Ammunition Depot in Crimea

Russian authorities reported explosions at an ammunition depot in Crimea, a week after blasts at a Russian air base on the peninsula appeared to destroy several warplanes.

China Restarts Drills Over Latest U.S. Lawmakers’ Visit to Taiwan

China’s military organized joint war patrols and combat drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan following a surprise visit led by Democratic Sen. Ed Markey.

China’s Growth Slowed, Prompting Surprise Rate Cut

Economic activity worsened across the board in July, highlighting the breadth of the challenge facing policy makers in a politically sensitive year for leader Xi Jinping.

U.S. Rules Out Releasing Billions in Afghan Funds After Strike

The presence of al Qaeda’s leader in Kabul raised concerns in the West about a resurgence of global terrorism from the Taliban-ruled country.

Brittney Griner Appeals Russian Drug Conviction

Lawyers for the U.S. women’s basketball star said there were violations on the part of law-enforcement officials when Ms. Griner was detained and are appealing for possible leniency based on the athlete’s character.

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